Transylvania, whose name derives from the Latin "TRANSILVANA" (the country beyond the forests) lies in the center of Romania, being surrounded with the Carpathian mountains.

Transylvania - main cultural tourist destination in Romania.

Its very name brings to mind visions of mountain peaks rising up to the sky above wooded valleys and sparkling streams, visions of high-roofed wooden churches, legendary castles and a troubled history.
But there is much more to see in Transylvania: palaces and castles, ski resorts and health spas, hiking trails and the Retezat National Park, fascinating medieval towns, art museums and good hotels.

There are 10 counties in Transylvania streching 96,837 sq. km and over 4 million inhabitants.
Throughout history, Transylvania's territory has been inhabitated by Romanians alongside Hungarians, Germans (Saxons), Szeklers, armenians etc.
That is the reason why architectural heritage bears the character of different cultures and civilisation.
The shepherd is honoured as a guardian of an ancestral rural heritage.

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Main towns in Transylvania

ALBA IULIA is connected with the golden dream of the Romanians: the union of Transylvania with Romania and foundation of the Romania unitary national state done in December, 1-st, 1918.
Places to see in Alba Iulia, Transylvania...

BISTRITA capital city of the Bistrita - Nasaud County.
Places to see in Bistrita, Transylvania...

BRASOV - the second in the Romanian tourism after the seaside of the Black Sea, the Brasov county is on first place in the Romanian mountain one. From here many other tourist zones begin like the spokes of a wheel: the Prahova Valley with its famous Sinaia, Azuga, Busteni Spas, the Bran - Rucar Pass, the Olt Valley ant the mountain and hilly zones of the Covasna county.
Places to see in Brasov, Transylvania...

CLUJ NAPOCA - the main town of Transylvania has two names: Napoca is the name of the old Dacian fortress, and Cluj is the Latin one from Clusiurn, a closed town.
Places to see in Cluj Napoca, Transylvania...

DEVA, the capital city of Hunedoara County.
Places to see in Deva, Transylvania...

The municipality of TARGU MURES is an important tourist center thanks to its social, historical and cultural points of interest.
Places to see in TArgu Mures, Transylvania...

SIGHISOARA - the "Pearl of Tirnava", "a Museum-Town" - is situated on the banks of the Tarnava Mare River - impresses with its medieval look.
Places to see in Sighisoara, Transylvania...

SIBIU, was the Europe's cultural capital in 2007.
Places to see in Sibiu, Transylvania...


Transylvania cultural tourist destination

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For travelers who may be interested in well-preserved medieval vestiges, customs and folk costumes, Transylvania is no doubt a first hand cultural-tourist destination.