Game Hunting in Romania

Romania Special travels

We are organizing all inclusive hunting packages for passionate hunters and their accompanying persons, taking them in charge from airport to airport.

Our hunting package rates include not only the hunt organization, but also the

  • hounds for removing/recovering of the game
  • hunting equipment
  • filming and photography
  • conservation of the game
  • trophy preparation/packaging
  • veterinary analysis

hunting seasons

Hunting seasons in Romania for all big game, small game, waterfowl and upland game runs generally from mid autumn to late winter.

medical insurance

Before coming for a hunting match you should think to buy an international medical insurance covering hunting accidents - you can check here.

hunting in Romania

Hunting in Romania means a privilege, not a right, and is surrounded by a nostalgic and romantic aura as people pursue it as a noble passion, complete with certain rituals like "botez vanatoresc" or "tablou vanatoresc".
Tradition dictates that in big game hunting, in respect for the game and hunt, a tablou (English: image or painting) must be created, where all game is lined up for inspection, cleaned up as much as possible, with small pine branches in their mouths, in a photographic pose and by the hunting master, together with the other hunters and their guns, and photographs are taken as a memory.
Less strictly, a "tablou" is also required if more than two people are hunting rabbit, pheasant or upland game in general.
According to tradition, the hunting master asks for forgiveness from the dead animal by kneeling and the successful hunter receives a little branch dipped in the animal's blood as badge of recognition; other rules like never stepping or mounting on a trophy are also part of the ethics.
A botez vanatoresc (English: hunter's baptism) is performed for a novice hunter by his fellows when he kills a type of game for the first time; this consists of a mock caning with a branch, lest the hunter ever forget to respect the game or give a purpose to its killing.