Danube Delta Luxury

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Nature resort


This elegant and luxurious nature resort comprises thirty private villas set in the extensive waterways of the Danube Delta, a World Heritage Site. One of the last of the surviving great wilderness areas of Europe, this unique eco-system plays host to over 300 species of birds making it a serious twitcher's paradise.

WELS Hotel


WELS Hotel - an elegant location in the Danube Delta area, ideally situated on the right shore of Saint George's Branch of the Danube river. Having a large view and access to this river, the hotel completes the panoramic sight where the quietness, the fresh and clean air and the savage beauty of the Delta compose a real particular place.
For outdoor activities, WELS Hotel runs motor boats tours into the Danube Delta, fishing games, bird-watching tours, water skiing, bicycle and carriage rides and mini tractor rides for children.
The hotel green area offers you volleyball games, playground for children and swing facilities, pony rides and lounge chairs services at the hotel mini beach. A bonfire, near the arbour, on the Danube shore, a dancing night full of lightning effects, different parties and festivities in a nice and hospitable place offer you the chance of living unforgettable moments.