Agrotourism in Romania

Rural area is a wonderful way to experience the genuine part of Romania, unspoiled by modernity but yet offering plenty of things to do and see. Delightful villages have become known thanks to beautiful traditional and fortified churches, well-preserved traditions, green forests and attractive alpine meadows filled with the sounds of tinkling sheep bells in summer and the laughs of children in winter.

Romania Special travels

Rural tourism offers you an alternative to the usual holidays, doing away with the formal, standardized approach. It offers you authenticity, a warm welcome and conviviality, the joy of an infinite range of excitement and emotions.
There are convivial places in which you can chat and meet people who will be ready to share with the rich history of their ancestors.

Guesthouse owners will host you in well-preserved settings and will do their utmost to make you feel welcome and comfortable.
They offer local breakfasts with fresh, home-grown products, traditional shepherds` diners around the fire; one can even celebrate a traditional marriage. It is possible to learn the traditional art of glass icon painting, to organize horseback rides and carriage rides as well as folklore-filled evenings.

The diverse natural environment offers the vivid colors of all four seasons, with holidays very much in mind.
The more you see, the more you appreciate; the deeper your understanding, the deeper your appreciation.

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