Spa Resorts in Romania

The blend of curative and recreational tourism turns Romania into a reference point in Europe.

Romania owns a great number of health resources offered by nature to prevent the illnesses, throwing away the stress and recovering health and work capacity:

  • mineral and thermal waters (1/3 of the springs in Europe)
  • therapeutic mud (sapropelic, peat, mineral, volcanic) mofettes.

Romania Spa Resorts

Calimanesti  | Covasna  | Felix  |

Famous worldwide and nationwide are also the spas on the Romanian Black Sea coast - Eforie, Techirghiol and Mangalia.
The well ionized air rich in sea aerosols, the sapropel mud of Techirghiol Lake, the sea water and the sulfurous and mesothermal water are the main elements that make these spas unique in balneary Europe cures.

The seaside offers an unique combination of natural factors: sun, sea water, beaches and ionized air.
Treatments are individualized depending on the results of the patient's chemical and biological investigations.
The average of the cure duration is 12 days.
Repetition of the cure is recommended for 2 - 3 years in the same spa.

Spa Resorts Romania