Prahova Valley

Valea Prahovey (Prahova Valley) is one of Romania's most important tourism area situated some 100 kms North of Bucharest, where the Prahova river makes its way between the Bucegi and the Baiului Mountains, in the Carpathian Mountains.

Peles Castle is nestled in the forests of the Southern Carpathians, on Prahova Valley, just above and beyond the town of Sinaia. Its history is tied to that of Romania and the Romanian kings.

Geographically, the Prahova river separates the Eastern Carpathians chain from the Southern Carpathian mountains.

Historically, the corridor was the most important passage way between the principalities of Wallachia and Transylvania. The present DN1 road, linking Bucharest with the city of Brasov and the future A3 will be built along the Prahova Valley.

The region is a popular destination for mountaineers and winter sports fans. Most important mountain resorts are: Predeal, Azuga, Busteni and Sinaia.

Prahova valley highlights

  • Predeal is considered the town in Romania situated at the greatest height (1000m). It is a well known resort situated in the pass between the rivers Prahova (south) and Timis (north).
    It's special location makes Predeal spread quite a lot on the wide surfaces that are available here, while the massifs are visible but not oppressive over the horizon. There are complete facilities concentrated in the Clabucet area, including cable transport, electric lights and artificial snow.
  • Busteni Cable Car offers you a spectacular panorama of the Caraiman mountain and upon the Jepi Valley. Babele Hut is an important starting point for journeys in the Bucegi mountains. The town of Busteni is at 10 km from Sinaia. During summer one can take also the cable car from Babele to Pestera, where you can explore Ialomita's cave.
  • Sparkling Wine Tasting at Rhein - Azuga Cellars. Settled in 1892 by a German named Rhein, under the denomination of "Rhein - Azuga Cellars", at the beginning it functioned as a wine warehouse. Until 1945 the place was an official wine supplier of the Romanian Royal House. Since 1999 the unit became a part of Prahova Winecellars. Here you can learn a lot about the traditional art of producing the effervescent drink. This was transmitted from generation to generation and it is very important that in the XXI-st century there are maintained the same manufacturing techniques as there were used 100 years ago. Visiting program: Monday - Sunday: 10.00 - 16.00
  • Peles Park in Sinaia awaits you with a journey of Romanian history. The complex is composed by The Peles Castle, the Pelisor, the Foisor and the Economat. The park is situated on Pelisor Valley and the main access points are from Furnica or from the Monastery. Peles Castle and Pelisor are open to the public.
  • George Enescu's memorial house, most famous Romanian composer, is situated in Sinaia (Cumpatu area) and is administrated by the European Cultural Centre. Here you can enjoy concerts of young artists, musical auditions, exhibitions and many other cultural events.
  • Sinaia Monastery - after three hundred years of existence, the monastery continues to be an important part of the town which bears its name. The small complex is composed by the main monastery, the small monastery (built by Mihai Cantacuzino in 1695), the grave of Tache Ionescu and a museum.
  • The Casino in Sinaia - here you can play roulette, blackjack and poker. The opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, 19:30 - 03:00 and there is no dressing code. The Casino is also the main host of national and international conferences, meetings and cultural events.
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