Carpathian Mountains of Romania

Bucegi mountains are particularly appealing for ski touring due to the plateau at 2000 m altitude that creates a great cross country type of environment. From here you can have great descents towards Prahova Valley, on a wide variety of routes, from mild ones, in Sinaia area, to very difficult ones (around 1500m vertical drop), in the region of Omu Peak.

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Romania has more than 400 parks and nature reservations protecting hundreds of species of flora and fauna.
The variety of terrain, from mountainous to gentle, offers something for every hiker regardless of skill or level. Rock-climbing enthusiasts should head for the main rock-climbing gateways: Busteni, Sinaia, Zarnesti and Petrosani. Bucegi mountains are particularly appealing for ski touring in the Prahova Valley montain resorts: Sinaia, Busteni, Predeal, Azuga, Poiana Brasov.

The Carpathian Mountains are the backbone of Central and Eastern Europe.
Covering an area of more than 200,000 square kilometres, they stretch across seven countries from the Danube in Austria in the north-west to the Iron Gate Dam in Romania in the south. The mountains are home to a wide array of wildlife, diverse nationalities and rich cultural heritage.

Exceptionally rich in species diversity, the region supports species not found anywhere else in the world, and it is also the last European stronghold of large mammals, such as the brown bear, wolf and lynx.
In addition, the region contains some of the continent's most extensive areas of both montane and virgin forest. More than half of the Carpathian range lies within Romania.
The Carpathians are home to numerous different nationalities and ethnic groups, bound together by the highland way of life. More than five million people live in and around the Romanian region alone. Culturally, the Carpathians are steeped in age-old traditions, and marked by peoples who have shared climate, hardships and sense of isolation.
Southern Carpathians are also called Transylvanian Alps.

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Romania isn't the first place that springs to mind when choosing a place to go skiing but with bountiful snow, good value accommodation, friendly people and $15 day tickets, it shouldn't be the last.