Bicaz Gorges

Bicaz Gorges are situated in the Eastern Carpathians on the Bicaz river (from Lacu Rosu resort to Bicazul Ardelean village), making the connection between Transylvania and Moldavia.

Highlights of Romania

At only 3 km from Bicaz Gorges, the Lacu Rosu resort offers beautiful views. The limestone walls of the gorges are like a medievalfortress walls. One can admire the "Altar Stone" - rocky mountain 1120 high, impressive by its verticality, important for the alpine climbing, "Piatra Pintestilor" (847 m) and "Piatra Arsitei" (835 m) peaks.

Despite being a small natural park of Romania (less than 7,000 hectares), Bicaz Gorges-Hasmas National Park is one of the richest in landscape, fauna and flora resources. It includes Bicaz Gorges, Hasmasu Mare peak and the Red Lake. The area is very in demand for hiking, kayaking and fly-fishing.

The road that slices through the Bicaz Gorges (Cheile Bicazului), 20km west of Bicaz, is among Romania's most spectacular.
The gorge twists and turns steeply uphill for 5km, cutting through sheer, 300m-high limestone rocks. At one point, the narrow mountain road runs uncomfortably beneath the overhanging rocks in a section known as the "neck of hell" (Gatul Iadului).

One of the deepest gorges from Carpathians - Bicaz Gorges is a real rock climbing paradise. With huge walls over 300m high, including spectacular ceilings, deep crackers, great clear faces is an area recommended for real climbers.

Hasmasul Mic wall is a smaller and easier area, best for climbing exercise and warm up. If you are not interested in climbing, Hasmas Mountains offer a great variety of very picturesque marked and unmarked routes.

The area's special geomorphology lends it a rich biological variety, including 1150 species of plants, alongside hundreds of species of fauna. Many of these species are rare and need to be protected. This is how a 7,000 hectare national park was created in the Bicaz Gorges area.

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