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Visit Romania's capital city - Bucharest, discover Romanian medieval towns and castles in Transylvania, traditional villages and wooden churches in Maramures, painted monasteries in Bucovina, Dracula related places, Danube Delta - a metropolis of birds.

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Peles Castle


Sucevita Fortified Monastery

Danube Delta


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We are doing private escorted tours in Romania for individuals, small groups or groups by car, minibus or coach / train / plane, focusing on the:

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Our Romania tours are conducted by experienced, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly guides. Our work to arrange a tour would be nothing without their skills. Not any problem if sometimes touristes remember guide's name, not ours.

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Our Mission

If you intend to visit Romania for best hotel accommodation or transportation in the world, please think twice.
But if you want to be closer to nature and traditions, enjoy traditional natural food products, feel the people hospitality, see a variety of landscapes, you should not hesitate to plan a trip to Romania.

Should you be interested in touring such a surprising country, spend a nice summer holiday on the Black Sea coast, skiing in the Carpathians, or adding life to your years in a spa resort, Romania will always welcome you.

Romania tours can be combined to Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Greece or Turkey tours, for your Eastern Europe vacation.

We will be glad to assist you with any travel service in Romania.


Here are some travel impressions from people who WERE HERE to tour Romania.

Mr. Dumitru,

Thank you for your help in organizing our trip in Romania.

We had a very good time visiting Romania and really enjoyed our holiday.
It was so much more enjoyable and enlightening than other trips I have been on.

Romania simply can't be compared to other countries in Europe.
It is a hidden treasure that the rest of the world should see.
I hope to return soon.
R Watson

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